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Analyzer Systems and Integration

The requirements for customized Process Analytical Systems have been expanding quickly from plant owners, EPC firms and original equipment manufacturers. Customers are expecting quality systems, timely services and complete solutions all of which CCS is able to provide at a competitive cost.  CCS appreciates these complex requirements and has experience in meeting the exact Process Analytical System specifications.

CCS works with various world-class manufacturers of process analyzers and equipment to provide quality design, engineering, and integration services for a complete and total turn-key solution.  CCS can integrate on-line continuous analyzer systems from field mounted units to complete shelters, houses, and panels.  Systems can be engineered for use in general purpose and hazardous areas Class 1 Division 1, 2 and IEC & ATEX Zones 0, 1, 2 including NEC & CSA requirements.  Custom Control Solutions is prepared to provide the total Analyzer System from the sample point to sample return.  Our systems are geared towards our client’s specific requirements. We operate independently from any supplier and offer the best price/quality ratio. With highly trained engineers and technicians we guarantee a successful operation that results in an efficient and well-oiled production process.

CCS Design Services include:


  • Sample Conditioning Systems

  • PLC / Process Control

  • Personnel Protection – Safety Systems

  • Purge Systems

  • Enviromental Controls

  • Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Humidity Control


CCS Installation and Integration Services include:


  • Sample Systems for Gas and Liquid Systems

  • Environmental Controls

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Systems (General Purpose and Hazardous Areas)

  • Humidity Control

  • Outdoor Shelters and Environmentally Controlled Buildings

  • Hazardous Area Ventilation Systems

For additional information and details of our services and capabilities, click on one of the links below.

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CCS fabricates and manufactures a variety of pre-fabricated analyzer houses, cabinets and racks designed to house various process analyzers such as gas chromatographs (GC), continuous gas analyzers (CGA), mass spectrometers (MS), moisture analyzers and/or other analyzers including sample conditioning systems, power distribution boxes , signal junction boxes and cylinder racks.

Analyzer houses or Shelters are pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, operation ready electrical equipment buildings designed and constructed in-house by Custom Control Solutions.  The structure is rated NEMA 3R with exterior walls and roofs fabricated from Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) to house and protect the internal equipment from the elements.  The shelter is designed for applicable floor loading allowing the Equipment Building to be lifted and transported with the interior equipment installed.  Sizes range from 8’ x 8’ up to 32’ x 90’ constructed in sections.


3-sided analyzer shelters can also be custom made of stainless steel (SS304 and SS316 grade) or HDG steel (painted to specific specifications) with lighting, electrical junction boxes for signals and power with tubing and piping pre-installed to field bulkhead connections.

The analyzer cabinets and racks can be constructed in a variety of sizes and configurations.  They can be fabricated of stainless steel (SS304 and SS316 grade) with or without insulation, electro-galvanized sheet steel (painted to specific painting specifications) with or without insulation. Analyzer cabinets can be fitted with equipment comply to special environments, e.g. instrument air or N2 purging, vortex cooling and heater elements.

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CCS recognizes that the Sample Conditioning System (SCS) is the final stage to handle process samples, which is critical to ensure the analyzer operates and measures properly.  The SCS provides process sample filtration, temperature control, pressure control, fast loop control, sample loop flow control and multi-stream switching. Many process analytical difficulties come from the improper design of the Sample Conditioning System. The understanding of both process and analyzer is critical in design and fabrication of the SCS.

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CCS can design and fabricate a variety of Sample Extraction Assemblies in accordance with the Customer’s specifications.  CCS utilizes the relevant industry standards for the process sample tapping point requirement and follows the principles of reliability, flexibility and safety.  CCS has the ability to fabricate sample probes consisting of stainless steel 316/316L tube or pipe, interfacing flange, pressure regulator and needle valve down to simple sample tap assemblies mounted on a plate or purged enclosure.  We also have experience in working with CEMS hi-temp applications using Inconel and other hi-temp alloys.

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The staff at CCS has hundreds of years of combined experience working with various world-class manufacturers of process analyzers and equipment to provide quality engineering services and a total solution for systems integration.  CCS has designed and installed systems utilizing Teledyne, Servomex, ABB, Siemens, Thermo Scientific, Emerson, Cosa, Agilent, GE Sensing, CAI, Draeger, Honeywell, Universal, Ametek and others.

CCS has the knowledge to design and install systems for Continuous Gas Analyzers, Gas Chromatographs, Mass Spectrometers, Moisture Analysis, Fixed Gas Detectors and other process applications such as CEMS. We are not aligned with any particular analyzer vendor and have been successful in working with individual analyzer manufacturers to provide systems that comply with the OEM’s best practices and requirements.

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A properly designed Analyzer Vent Systems is as important to the accuracy of the analyzer measurement as the SCS.  Other critical aspects of the analyzer vent system is to provide personnel protection from hazardous, flammable, toxic gases and chemicals.  CCS understands the complexities of venting gases from varying sources such as analyzer exhausts, vented regulators, relief valves, check sample taps, calibration cylinder reliefs, fast loop bypasses and purge vents.  CCS designs their vent systems to avoid an unwanted reaction between effluent streams, condensation build-up, varying back pressure and flare stack conditions.

Ventilation of Shelters, Houses and Cabinets is designed and installed for climate control, corrosion protection, protection from asphyxiation, explosion protection, and/or personnel safety.  If an enclosure or shelter is installed in a Hazardous Classified Area, CCS can provide for a minimum number of air changes per hour to prevent a dangerous accumulation of gas from any reasonably foreseeable accidental release.

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CCS has years of experience in the specific functions related to X, Y and Z types of purging for Safe Environment Design, Personnel Protection and Hazardous Gas Containment for equipment installed in Hazardous Area Classified locations.  Alarm & Safety controls for Process Analyzer Shelters and Cabinets can be customized, designed, programmed and controlled by a selected Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with all components including PLC or relays housed in an explosion-proof (EExd) or purged enclosures for use in the hazardous locations.

Analyzer houses can be designed to provide fresh air ventilation and pressurization to prevent hazardous gases from entering the house.  When the analyzer shelter is located in a hazardous area, the fresh air will be ducted to the shelter inlet through a fresh air stack from a safe elevation outside the hazardous area.

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CCS manages all projects in accordance with a Quality Management System manual which conforms to ISO 9001:2008 and satisfies the requirements of local consultants, refineries, gas plants, system operators, etc.  CCS maintains procedures to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the customer and that the validated design product is correct, complete, and in accordance with established standards and safety considerations.

CCS has the resources and technical expertise to provide complete Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) that meets most Customers requirements.  CCS can perform Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Pressure Degradation Test, and Helium Leak Detection down to 2 x 10-9, functional check of all controls, calibration and drift check of analyzers and purge operation can be performed in co-operation with the customer.

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  • Sample Systems
  • Leak Testing

  • Timed Pressure-decay Testing

  • Thin Film Liquid Test (Bubble Test)

  • Helium Leak Testing

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • System Response Tests

  • Analyzer Drift Tests

  • Zero/Span Calibration

  • Signal/Communications Verification

  • Weld Inspections


Inspections and records are filed for all materials, FAT’s, manufacturing non-conformances and safety incidents.  The QMS is audited annually at a minimum to measure the effectiveness of the Quality System and to determine if practices comply with Customer expectations and requirements.

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CCS has completed analyzer systems for the Electronics Industry and High Purity Manufacturing for Ultra High Purity (UHP) applications.

To protect product quality and maintain yield, process engineers require their UHP gas distribution systems to comply with ever more stringent purity standards. For UHP purity purposes, users may consider sample systems with VCR® fittings, 316SS electro-polished tubing with orbitally welded fittings. These components are commonly used in semiconductor applications to improve leak integrity and reduce tubing effects on moisture and oxygen measurements.

CCS has three orbital welding machines and experienced technicians that have performed thousands of successful welded connections.  CCS also has the ability to do on-site installation of orbital welded tubing runs if required by the Customer.


CCS has the experience of working with many high performance components and special alloy materials.  Components are selected on the basis of performance and material compatibility; Stainless Steels, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, ChroMoly and others.

We have the knowledge and experience to install silica treated tubing and components.  SilcoNert is an inert silica coating used for H2S, Mercury, Ammonia and Active Compound Sampling Systems.  CCS also utilizes SilcoNert to enhance the performance of Moisture Analysis, ppb/ppt measurements and ultra-fast response times.

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CCS has the in-house capability to perform Oxygen Cleaning of equipment, tubing, fittings, components and systems.  CCS’ Oxygen Cleaning Specification conforms to the ASTM G93 Standard Practice, CGA’s G-4.1 Cleaning Standard and ISO Procedure 8501-1 Surface Prep Standard.  Our procedures define the Method, Acceptance Criteria and Packaging that meet most Customers’ requirements.

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