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Some of Our Clients


Dear Manfred and Glenn,

"I would like to thank CCS for all of your hard work, attention to quality and meeting our delivery schedules on all capital equipment builds.  With customer service second to none working with CCS has been very rewarding. Please extend a huge thank you and great appreciation to all of your crew."


Thank you again,

Manfred and Glenn,


“The racks look great!  Top quality work. Thanks for sticking with it (thinking quality) and getting us such a quality piece of equipment to leave here at the plant.  I'm definitely not embarrassed to have my name associated with it.”


Brady Sullivan
Project Engineer
Air Products



"The Rockwell Automation Project Team would like to thank the CCS Team for a great job on the subject Electrical Control Room (ECR) project. We greatly appreciated the professional workmanship, attention to detail, quality and responsiveness during all phases of execution.


Furthermore, the End User is very satisfied with the design and build of the structure.  Also, the Conduit and Wiring portion is one of the best electrical integrations we have seen in a project of this type.


Lastly, we look forward to partnering with CCS in the future."


Thank You,


Michael J. Butchock
Engineering Manager - RAIS

Manfred and  Glenn,


"I appreciate the effort CCS put forth to once again deliver a quality product.  We have be able to install the cabinets with minimal field changes which speaks to the craftmanship of CCS.  The ability of CCS to accommodate our change orders in a timely fashion allowed us to maintain our schedule.  In addition, CCS' willingness to store our cabinets helped with project execution since our on-site storage is limited.  Thanks to everyone at CCS who worked on these cabinets."


Best Regards,


Krista E. Ebbert
Sr. Process Engineer
ExxonMobil Chemical



"CCS is a first class organization and a producer of the very best in finished products – no matter what you end up building and fabricating . . . and something to be very proud of as well."


Best Regards,
John Holliday
Georgia Pacific, Project Manager

Dear Custom Control Solutions,


"I would like to commend your team for the excellent performance related to the TL5 and CW9 Panels. The fact that you were able to overcome Rockwell delivery issues and still deliver the panels ahead of schedule did not go unnoticed. In response to your request to make a mill visit to witness the panels in operation, we will notify you once they are energized. Again, thank you for the great support and excellent communication."

Darwin Allen, Procurement Leader 
Hargrove Engineers & Constructors 

Thanks, guys!!!

"Manfred, just wanted to drop you a line on how pleased I was with the work recently completed at ThyssenKrupp. We asked you to modify 13 stainless cabinets already installed. Joe and Gus both put forth that extra effort that was greatly appreciated.  These cabinets were installed throughout the facility, and often times did not have power readily available. They took the time to ensure the cabinets where in better condition than when they started. At times this meant correcting problems left by others. They worked aggressively, safely, and with a great attitude. I look forward to working with you guys in the future. " 




Brian Sims

Project Manager for IT cable in CRM
ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC

"Outstanding Performance again!"


Guys, "Great job this week on the FAT.  Thanks for pulling out all the stops to get us through this."

Air Products, Port Arthur, TX
Carbon Capturing - Analyzer System

Jeff, Manfred,


"We started up the P1RIO Skid this week and it works perfectly. We can control the temperature of the oil to + 2.5 degrees centigrade. With the circulation pump and induction mixer we also can keep the heater sheath temperature below the cutoff point of 120 degrees C. This allows us to heat up the oil to the needed temperature and actually control the oil temperature."


"We turn this over to production next week, after they start running we will be able to see if we have better quality control of the rubber with
better temp control. "


"Great Job guys!"


"Tell the guys who worked on this in the shop they did a great job."


Steve Mulkey
Sr. Project Manager

ExxonMobil, Hot Oil Skid, Project 5534 & 5538

Thanks, Manfred & Glenn


"Your crew did a great job.  We may have some future work for you coming soon."


Best regards,


Chris Early

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Site Manager - GO Orlando


"Once again. GREAT JOB!!"

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