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Quality, Safety and Certifications


The engineers, designers and highly trained technical staff at Custom Control Solutions have many years of experience in all phases of analyzer and control systems fabrication. We have a very strict quality standard and control program with written procedures for all aspects of design and fabrication. We are highly attuned to following details all of the way through each step of design and fabrication on all of our projects.  Our Principals in the company have been trained as Green Belts and our quality standards are written to meet all ISO 9000 requirements. CCS maintains a zero defect Quality Record.




      CCS has completed over 1.5 million hours of work over 11 years without a loss time accident with an experience modification

      rate of 0.82.




  • CCS' written QA procedures meet all ISO 9000 requirements

  • CCS maintains a zero defect quality record

  • Principals have competed Six Sigma training and performed as Green Belts

  • CCS employs 2 full time Quality Control inspectors


Standard QA methods include:


  • Component verification and component layout check

  • Continuity testing of all wiring, Hi-pot testing if required

  • Power-up testingVerification of logic utilizing PLC programs and simulation testing for process analyzer systems

  • Leak testing of tubing and piping systems, to include: nitrogen pressure testing, helium leak testing, Hydro testing, etc.


Welding and Fabrication


  • Weld Inspections

  • Structural Inspection

  • Paint System Inspections

    • Paint Finish Verification

    • Abrasive Cleaning Inspections

    • Coating Inspections


Packing and Shipping Inspections




UL Certifications for:


  • 508A - General purpose control systems and enclosures

  • 698A - Intrinsic safe installations

  • 698A - Hazardous area control systems and enclosures

  • UL Building Inspection Certificate Services Program


Certified Welders for:


  • Orbital Tube welders

  • Structural Steel

  • Process Piping


Material Approvals

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