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Equipment Shelters

Custom Control Solutions is a custom equipment shelter manufacturer with over 10 years experience in fabricating and integrating equipment shelters. Our custom Shelters have been used in many different applications: Analyzer Systems, DCS/PLC/ I/O Panels, Air Quality Monitoring, CEMs, Power Equipment, and Laboratories, to name a few. Each of our Shelters is tailored to the exact customer specifications to meet the needs of our customers with quality as our primary focus. We use state-of-the-art materials for the job and utilize the most current construction methods in our fabrication process.


With built-in strength, durability, weather protection and aesthetics, CCS’ 3-sided shelters utilize the strength of steel for long-lasting durability and security.  Our Customers can eliminate expensive on-site construction costs – conventional construction requires on-site welding that is not needed on a CCS prefabricated shelter.



Features of our Shelters:


  • Pre-engineered products for custom applications
  • Custom layouts designed to your specifications that coordinate with your existing building designs
  • Various coatings and preservative finishes (including galvanizing) to meet the most serious environmental plant conditions.  Special colors are also available
  • Welded or bolted steel construction
  • Special roof construction
  • Retractable awnings for added sun/rain protection
  • Integrated calibration gas cylinder racks w/regulator mounting
  • Electrical utilities (cable tray entrances, lighting and safety equipment)
  • Tubing bulkhead plates
  • Full integration of installed equipment
  • Full steel floor, grating or open frame for concrete foundations
  • Fully assembled or field erected shelter kits
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