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Pre-Fabricated Buildings

Design Principals


Custom Control Solutions has revolutionized pre-fabricated building methods for use in Electical Equipment Buildings and Mechanical Equipment Houses.  By utilizing the latest construction materials and re-engineering the construction methods of the base and framing, we are able to fabricate buildings that are 30 to 50% lighter but much stronger, greener with a 21 or greater R-value while meeting the most stringent of wind loading and seismic requirements.  We offer these buildings with fully customized solutions to meet your specifications, just like our company name says. Our systems are ideal and cost effective for plant expansions and as new additions to any facility.

CCS offers full integration of any of our buildings, including low to medium voltage Motor Control Centers, Switch Gear, Analyzer and Control Systems, and multi-purpose buildings.  We can provide full factory acceptance testing to your standards. We are a UL authorized facility and have provided systems to most of the major industrial companies in the United States.
Buildings provided by Custom Control Solutions are engineered to NEMA 3R Classifications and can be also be designed for specific plant area classifications such as general purpose or hazardous Location.  We meet all NEC (National Electrical Codes) and our buildings are manufactured to comply with the IBC (International Building Code).
Construction Materials
CCS uses the latest in construction materials for our newly designed buildings. In particular the heart of our product is the SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) section. Our panels are manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure uniform quality and product consistency.

Class I urethane foam is injected in-line between two steel face sheets.  For superior appearance, the faces are textured with stucco embossing and are finished with baked on coatings in standard or special colors that are guaranteed for 20 years. These insulated panels are the ultimate in single step, factory insulated, and energy saving panel systems. The all-in-one single element panels for wall, partition, ceiling and roof applications are durable, economical and quick to install. Our standard panels are 3” but we can provide panels from 1” to 6” in thickness.  Our 3” panels offer an R-value of 21 or greater. 
Our wall and roofing panels provide:
  • More competitive pricing
  • Improved environmental features (thermal and sound)
  • Reduced transfer of outside noise and vibration
  • Modular concept for faster turnaround
We include a ¼” painted steel floor in which we can provide any access holes necessary: lighting, safety lighting, fire protection systems, area monitoring equipment or any other safety and comfort equipment.
Custom Integration Accessories and Options

Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation design calculations, and integration
  • Fans
  • Wall / Pad Mounted HVAC units
Life Support Systems
  • Oxygen Monitoring / Toxic Gas Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Lighting and Exit Hardware
Cable Tray and Bus Duct
  • Custom Designed Supports
Power and Control Equipment
  • MCC & Low / Medium Switchgear
  • VFD Systems
  • PLC Cabinets
  • Control Consoles / Workstations
  • Network Cabinets
  • DCS Cabinets
  • Battery Rooms
  • Special Cable and Duct Entrances
  • Transformers and UPS Systems
  • Building Utilities
Custom Lighting Design and Installation
  • Custom Designed Supports
Analyzer Control Systems
  • Tubing and Piping Systems
  • Function Testing
On-Site Laboratories
  • Laboratory Fixtures and Furniture
  • Office Environment
Additional Building Options and Accessories

Custom Control Solutions specializes in integrating your special custom requirements.
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