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Additional Building Accessories and Options

Fixed Windows
  • Singe pane 1/4" Laminated Safety Glass installed in an 18 gauge frame with or without wire reinforcement.  Sizes available from 3" to 104" in width and length.
Single Hung Windows
  • Available in most common sizes with or without screens.  Single pane 1/4" Laminated Safety Glass with or without wire reinforcement.
Wall Bulkheads
  • Framed wall bulkhead plates available in steel, stainless steel, or alumnium plate in sizes from 3" to 104" in width and length.
  • High gloss ultra enamel with or without slip resistant additive.
  • Vinyl flooring available
  • Raised computer floor system with 2' tiles and a floor elevation up to 27"
  • Spray on polyurethane foam underfloor insulation average depth of 2" standard
  • Floor capacities up to 250 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Removable floorplate access panels
Roof and Wall Panels
  • Standard 42" wide 26 gauge 3" thick structural interlockling panels with a minimum insulation R-Value of 21.  Other panel thicknesses are available from 2" to 6".  Standard color is white, other colors are available
  • Vinyl flooring available
  • Personnel door awnings are powder coated welded steel sized to fit doors from 36" to 96" wide
  • Rain shileds for cable tray / bus entries sized as required
Building Attachment Methods
  • Slab mounted buildings
  • Pedistal mounted buildings
Additional Options
  • Door Hardware
  • LED Lighting
  • Hazardous Area Lighting
  • Custom Coatings
  • Purged Air Systems
  • Awnings / Porches
  • Bathrooms and Kitchen Facilities
Custom Control Solutions specializes in integrating your special custom requirements.
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