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Specialty Services

High Pressure H2 Systems


CCS has been chosen by a major Customer to provide support for their Smart Fuel retail hydrogen dispenser, which provides the newest generation of hydrogen dispensing to meet consumer expectations of refilling fuel cell vehicles in a safe, fast and reliable manner.

  • Specialty Requirements:

    • 16,500 psig Liquid Hydrogen Process

    • Class 1, Div. 2, Group B Classification

    • Explosion Proof Requirements

    • Refrigeration and Chiller Modifications

    • Intrinsic Safe Wiring

    • High Pressure Testing

    • Leak Free Process

    • Cone and Thread MP Tubing

Oxygen Cleaning Services


Insufficient cleanliness of components used in oxygen systems can result in the ignition of contaminants or components by a variety of mechanisms such as particle, mechanical, or pneumatic impact. Adequate contamination control in oxygen systems is imperative to minimize hazards and component failures that can result from contamination. Contamination must also be minimized to ensure an acceptable product purity.


The oxygen cleaning process prepares these components by removing combustible contaminants. Through oxygen cleaning, both organic and inorganic contaminates such as hydrocarbon materials (i.e. oils or greases) are removed.

CCS performs Oxygen Cleaning Services in-house.  We are capable of cleaning components of all sizes to ASTM and CGA specifications, or to your required industry or company standard.  All cleaned parts will carry certifications.

Instrument Racks and Stands


As the majority of industrial facilities are moving to bus type systems, the importance of locating and mounting field analog and digital devices in a common location is a priority.  Custom built instrument racks and stands can provide that solution for not only the instrumentation but also for junction boxes and termination panels.


CCS can design and fabricate a custom rack/stand for your specific requirements.  Welded or bolted, painted or galvanized, big or small, CCS can meet your needs.

Solar RTU Systems


CCS can design a custom system MFG to OEM or customer specifications.  Small systems for RTU / SCADA and Telemetry.  Solutions are designed for the most demanding applications.

Purging/Pressurization for Hazardous Areas


The technique of pressurizing and purging enclosures of electrical apparatus is to prevent the ingress of a flammable atmosphere. Purging is a widely adopted protection concept for explosion protection. It is accepted world-wide, using European Standards, NFPA, or IEC Standards.


The methodology for designing and testing a purged and pressurized enclosure has been defined in many Standards and specific industry codes of practice.  CCS has many years of experience designing and building purged systems that comply with the industry standards for Class 1, Division 1 and 2 areas.


  • Type X, Y or Z Systems

  • Positive-Pressure Ventilation from a source of clear air

  • Back-up Blower Systems

  • Explosion Proof Panels and Equipment

  • IS Barriers

  • UL698A certified for Hazardous Area Panels/Cabinets

UL Certifications


CCS is a UL certified panel shop for 508A and 698A applications that allows CCS to apply the UL Marks for the United States and Canada at our factories. Our program makes it convenient to receive a UL certification while allowing maximum flexibility in panel design. UL’s safety marks are the most credible and sought after certification marks in North America. When regulators, specifiers and end-product certifiers see the familiar UL Mark, they are confident that the panel has met the certification requirements.


UL 508A certification provides the inspection authority and our customer evidence that the control panel complies with nationally recognized safety standards. These standards ensure public safety and provide assurances that the electrical control panel is compliant with national and local electrical codes.


UL-698A requirements cover industrial control panels intended for general industrial use and installation in unclassified locations with intrinsically safe circuit extensions into the following hazardous (classified) locations in accordance with the National electrical code (NCEC), NFPA 70.


UL Building Inspection Certificate Services:  UL's building inspections determine whether the installation of electrical systems in a commercial or industrial prefabricated building or unit comply with applicable requirements of the National Electrical Code for locations other than hazardous (classified) locations.


Manufacturers that carry the UL certification are subject to periodic unannounced inspections of their facilities by UL personnel. Through periodic audits of the manufacturers, UL can ensure the manufacturer continues to meet the UL requirements for 508A certification.

Climate Control Calculations


CCS can design your climate control system and compute HVAC design calculations to provide correctly sized heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for our buildings.  A properly sized HVAC system improves efficiency, reduces noise, offers greater cooling/heating comfort and saves money.


CCS has the experience and the tools to calculate the required size HVAC system for each custom building, cabinet and enclosure.


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