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Piping Skids

Custom Control Solutions, Inc. builds modular process skids made for many different types of industries and processes. From process skid fabrication design to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), we are your one stop provider for 3D modeling, fabrication, control and instrumentation, electrical wiring, pressure testing, performance testing and site installation for various industries.

Skid process systems provide many advantages to traditional stick built construction process systems. The main advantage is quality control. Because only one party will be responsible for the construction and build of the skid process unit, there is a higher level of responsibility and quality control. With stick build methods of construction, there are many different levels of building before the final process unit is complete, making it difficult to determine which party is responsible for an error. Skid process systems are fully tested before being sent out; therefore they are ready to be used immediately upon delivery. Lastly, the skid process system allows for efficient use of space. A skid process system fits into a set frame; meaning space is efficiently used to house all of the parts of the process system, and the skid process system can be moved to another location if it ever becomes necessary.

CCS Design Services include:

Sample Systems
  • P&ID Development and Design
  • Isometric Piping / 3-D Drawings
  • Instrument and Valve Specifications
  • Welding procedures
  • Test Procedures

CCS Fabrication Services include:
  • Piping – Welded and Threaded
  • Materials – Carbon and Stainless Steel, Fibercast
  • ASME Section IX Certified Welders
  • Structural Framing and Support Steel
  • Instrument and Electrical Installation and Testing
  • Junction Boxes
  • Control System Programming
  • General Purpose and Hazardous Area Classifications
  • Testing Services – Hydro, NDT (DPT, X-Ray), FAT, Electrical

CCS has experience in:
  • Water Treatment Skids
  • Ammonia Dosing and Delivery Skids
  • Burner Control Skids
  • Refinery Sampling Skids
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