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Orbital Welding

Custom Control Solutions understands the challenges facing today’s high-purity product manufacturers. We are one of the few companies in the area with both orbital welding capabilities and our own orbital welding equipment.  Our state of the art orbital welding equipment and trained technicians meet or exceed the semi-conductor, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries’ rigorous demands for clean, validated and reliable piping systems.

With the ability to produce high purity results, orbital welding found its place in the production of clean-room components for the semiconductor industry. Its application has now expanded to the construction of pipework and equipment for diverse industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, automotive engineering, biotechnology, shipbuilding, and aerospace.


Orbital Welding can provide a number of benefits to your project, including:

  • Clean welds with a smooth interior and exterior, that do not require grinding

  • Less maintenance and fewer future repairs

  • Smaller heat affected zone

  • Consistently repeatable welds

  • Fewer fabrication defects (including porosity and cracking)

  • Fewer clamped joints resulting in less leaks, improving safety, and lowering product waste

  • Lower production costs, increased productivity

  • Reduce or eliminate chances for contamination in process tubing systems

  • Traceability – quality control

If you require orbital welding services, CCS can provide you with:

  • Orbital welding within an enclosed head from 1/8" to 1” (and metric equivalents)

  • Orbital welding of high purity and integrity with fully penetrated welds, suitable for the semiconductor, food and bio-pharm industries.

  • Orbital welding which offers complete repeatability after initial parameters are set and material variances have been taken into consideration

  • Orbital welding equipment which is easily transportable and can be used at a client's premises as well as in our high tech workshop.  We can provide technicians for your site as well.

  • Orbital weld heads being small and compact can access welds at high level and within restricted areas

  • Orbital welding of stainless steel, Ferroalloy, Inconel, Hastelloy and many other special metals

  • Three computer controlled Orbital Welding Machines


  • Three Trained and Certified Welding Technicians

  • Fully integrated gas and chemical transport and control systems

  • Tested with He leak detection equipment to 10-9

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